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what people say

The IES Platform comes to add and expand the educational repertoire, developing and discovering sports practice competences, motivating our students to a constant learning.

Sandra Capozzi Paiano - Pedagogical and Administrative Coordinator of Alliances and Sports of the Pueri Domus Network.

Of course it is one of the best, if not the best, evaluation system I have seen.

Rene Drezner - Master in the Sports area of the Physical Education postgraduate program at USP

The IES platform is an efficient way to increase the chances of young people to obtain scholarships in American Universities through football.

Gustavo Zannete - Founding Partner of Daquiprafora and responsible for the Sports Department

Finally, an innovative tool in the process of training young athletes.

José Carlos Lages - Former president of Figueirense and founder of the BIS / EP sports consultancy.

IES brings an objective way to analyze the performance of young athletes 

Coach Andy Gines -  Owner at CoachaRecruits and worked as Designated School Official for International Students at Johnson University Florida

It was a rewarding experience to observe the evaluations and contribute effectively with my son in his development in the sport

Max Martin - Father of athlete David Martin

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Image by Milad B

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Image by Gustavo Ferreira
Image by Gustavo Ferreira

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Sport Tactics
Sport Tactics

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Why evaluate?

More than a thousand young people have already been evaluated. It is often the case that young players, observing the expected skills for their age group, have not yet achieved their full development.

There are still some gaps, particularly in terms of technique, tactical and mental attitudes (e.g. perseverance), which can hinder a soccer player's progress towards his goals if he is not properly trained and developed.

At the "High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation" we observe each student's specific skills for 3 hours using a set of standards expected for their particular age group.


We follow a learning pattern based on the cycle "orientation - training - evaluation - game (more fun, less competitive)”, which allows us to experience high level training in an objective and fun way.


Standardized tests help everyone involved in the young person's training process give them (individually and as a team of learners) the necessary skills to drive change.


How it all works

High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation

powered by IES


We separate young people into groups according to age, preferably in different time periods, prioritizing mornings for the youngest and afternoons for those over 13.

All sessions have a total duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes, the first 30 minutes for the accreditation and registration of parents in App Athlete and 3 hours devoted to the process of orientation, training, evaluation and game.

The agenda is scheduled in the following way:   


30': Event and App IES Athlete registration

30': General guidelines on the work to be done 

120 ': Lessons, Training and Evaluation

30': Play Soccer

Orientation, Training and Evaluation

During the first 30 minutes of our itinerary, we give young people a general idea of the work that will be done, the dynamics and attributes that will be developed and how the evaluation process works. 

After that, we spend 2 hours of the agenda on going over each attribute, developing the work in the dynamics of "orientation - training - evaluation" until we complete all the programmed content.

Finally, we finish with activities that complement the process which are also very fun, such as the game itself.


Unlike most soccer fields and clinics, the High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation provides in-depth feedback on the skills that have been observed through App Athlete.


At App Athlete, parents have access to an individual and detailed description of their children's current abilities, allowing an effective learning direction according to the established goals.  

The High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation powered by IES complements the work of the school or club and allows an accelerated improvement in the learning and evolution of the young athlete.

What the

IES answers?

Improve your soccer fundamentals regardless of your level

powered by IES

How do you know if your son is a good or bad student?

Whether he is learning the subject or not?


What is the real purpose of your school? To work with the best athletes and win games or improve everyone's potential and have a champion team and keep all the young athletes motivated?


How can they improve their potential if they don't clearly know what theirs strengths and weaknesses are?


How can parents contribute to and motivate their children's learning if they can't follow their training all the time and understand their progress?

World Class


Marcelo Gonçalves


IES High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation powered by IES brings together athletes who possess great experience and proven international success with academic training and mastery of the IES evaluation method.  


It is all personally coordinated by a Brazilian and international football idol, Marcelo Gonçalves. Marcelo currently lives in Orlando, Florida and coordinates all IES activities in the United States, Mexico and Canada. He played for the Brazilian national team in the 1998 World Cup. He made history as a player for Botafogo, where he was a champion many times over, including the 1995 Brazilian Championship. In Mexican soccer he is also an idol, having played for Club Deportivo Estudiantes Tecos. He was a two-time national champion player in 1993 and 1994.


Gonçalves has a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and an MBA in Sports Management and Marketing, both from FGV/FIFA/CIES. In 1996, while professionally active, he founded the Marcelo Gonçalves Football School, which currently has locations in Brazil and has contributed to the emergence of many Brazilian and international football talents.


Soccer can be described as a school of life, through which valuable skills can be taught, such as teamwork, dedication, perseverance and healthy lifestyles.

In 2015, working with young athletes and licensed coaches of the German Football Association (DFB) in Munich, we observed the guidelines for the development of young athletes they’ve implemented.


We understand the strong importance of evaluation to improve motivation and speed up the evolution process of the young athlete as well as bringing parents closer to encourage their children in classes and training.

Also according to FIFA, through the "Youth Football Training Manual” which systematically evaluates performances during matches, the player and coach can see results and progress of the work done in training. Therefore, it is essential to have access to age-appropriate competitions and proper management by the coach for the development of young players who aspire to the elite level.


In 2017, after studies, development and validations, the IES - International Evaluation System platform started to evaluate and guide young athletes, parents and coaches. After 2 years and more than 1000 young people evaluated,


IES is now available through.

Give your best!

High Performance Soccer

Clinic and Evaluation

powered by IES




5056, Millenia Palms Drive 2104 Orlando, FL 32839


+1 (407) 725 5765

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