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In 2015, working with young athletes and licensed coaches of the German Football Association (DFB) in Munich, we observed the guidelines for the development of young athletes they’ve implemented.


We understand the strong importance of evaluation to improve motivation and speed up the evolution process of the young athlete as well as bringing parents closer to encourage their children in classes and training.


As part of the long-term development plan, one of our objectives is to identify technical and tactical strengths and weaknesses in the way our players approach the game.  They are guided to develop their skills according to the expected outcome within their age group.


Adding an honest evaluation process is essential in building efficient learning in these early years of our players' football journey.


We believe that this is fundamental to their future success.

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Unlike most soccer fields and clinics, the High Performance Soccer Clinic & Evaluation provides in-depth feedback on the skills that have been observed.


At App Athlete, parents have access to an individual and detailed description of their children's current abilities.

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By specializing in teaching, evaluating, and sharing with young athletes and their parents the honest result of a performance evaluation based on the execution of technical gestures and understanding of the tactical and behavioral aspects.

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The App IES Athlete provides the young athlete with accelerated improvement in their game, allowing even support for the continuity of the training process within your soccer school.

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The understanding of the correct execution of technical gestures due to an expected result by age group is a fundamental factor for learning efficiency in sports.

Also according to FIFA, through the "Youth Football Training Manual” which systematically evaluates performances, the player and coach can see results and progress of the work done in training.