Register for the IES Clinic
Register for the IES Clinic

Dreaming of Pro Soccer or an Athletic Scholarship?

Playing for fun and want to know exactly how to improve?

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First Ever Personalized Soccer Performance Event


From 8 to 18 years


Evaluation from a professional scout and renowned coach




1st step

10 minutes: 

App IES Athlete registration


2nd step

30 minutes:

General guidelines on the work to be done 


3rd step

2 hours:

Lessons, Training and Evaluation


4th step

30 minutes:

Play Soccer / Game time

what makes        different from other clinics?

Coach Marcelo Gonçalves

Played as Brazil's defender in the 1998 World Cup 23 years of experience in high-performance training helping athletes to reach professional performance levels.

Mastering the fundamentals is the first step towards greatness...

The fastest way to do that is if the kid's parents and coaches understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of their game.

The problem with the way soccer is taught…
By offering generic evaluations and training practices, most kids are not receiving the training that could take their game to the next level. There’s only one way to make sure your kid keeps improving their soccer talent, and that is ongoing evaluations of their progress. Kids learn best when they are having fun, and soccer training is the most fun when they feel they get better.

The IES High-Performance Soccer Clinic & Evaluation Event
This is your kid’s chance to begin a much more fun and rewarding way to train their soccer skills. It’s a one-day event with a longterm impact on their game. Traditional soccer clinics teach kids a one-time lesson to improve their skills right here and now. The High-Performance Event, on the other hand, puts the power of ongoing evaluation and improvement in the hands of players, their parents, and coaches. Both kids and parents will receive training: The kids will go through a 2-hour training program. — And their parents are instructed on how to use the App Athlete to help their kids become the best soccer players they can possibly be. With the app, parents can track their kid’s progress, find the exact areas where they can improve. Now you can easily motivate your kid by showing them exactly how much they improve with every practice.

Register for the IES Clinic

Dominic - Waza FC Coach

"I am proud to say we have partnered with IES. To provide coaching tools in an app that is easy to use."

Evaluated Athlete

"It's important to hear everything he says. It's important that you learn because it's always going to impact your game."

Marco - Orlando Soccer school

"This situation is very important for each club. Planning with the players for the future."

Evaluated Athlete

"Today i think it was a great training session. Good and high intensity drills and yes I really enjoyed it."

Evaluated Athlete

"The attacking mentality. The way to look at the game. To open yourself and be ready for the ball."

Evaluated Athlete

"It was super cool playing with somebody who is that experienced." Referring to coach Marcelo Goncalves.



  • How long does it last? Roughly around 3hrs:30mins.

  • Can I participate again? Yes! We recommend that you get evaluated 3x in one year. That way you will have months in between to practice and improve before your next evaluation.

  • What will my child learn from this event? We will teach the basics and your child will be evaluated to understand the current stage of soccer skills.

  • Can parents watch? Yes. It will be a unique experience for the parents.

  • How do I receive the evaluation?  "Card" through the App & your report by e-mail.

  • How long after the event to receive the evaluation results? Up to 72hrs.

  • Are there any extra costs for the evaluation? No.


Ronaldo Academy Soccer 

3516 President Barack Obama Parkway, Orlando, Florida  November 7th /   9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, at this time we are restricting the number of athletes on our 2020 High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation