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From 12 to 18 years







Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, at this time we are restricting our 2020 High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation 



what makes        different from other clinics?

Coach Marcelo Gonçalves

Played as Brazil's defender in the 1998 World Cup 23 years of experience in high-performance training helping athletes to reach professional performance levels.

MASTERING THE FUNDAMENTALS IS THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS GREATNESS. Imagine seeing your son or daughter dribble up the field towards the opposing goal. It’s the final seconds and the game is tied. He or she fakes a shot… And… GOAL!!! — Your kid scores for the win! 


These are the kinds of experiences that give kids the confidence to become the best soccer players they can be. But getting to the point where their coach and teammates wants them to take the final shot requires practice. They have to master the fundamentals of the game. — The fastest way to do that is if their parents and coaches understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of their game.

The problem with the way soccer is taught…
Traditional soccer schools are failing to provide effective training for the majority of kids every year. By offering generic evaluations and training practices, most kids are not receiving the training that could take their game to the next level. Instead they feel they are lagging behind their teammates and loose confidence in themselves and their ability to play the game.

It’s about building confidence...
There’s only one way to make sure your kid keep improving their soccer talent, and that is ongoing evaluations of their progress. By knowing your kid’s strengths and weaknesses, you as a parent can encourage their improvement and help them overcome frustrating challenges. That will not only accelerate their progress as budding soccer stars, but empower them with a feeling of success and achievement. Kids learn best when they are having fun, and soccer training is the most fun when they feel they get better. So if you want your kid to evolve their skills and on the field, you need to give them the confidence to feel that it is possible.

The IES High-Performance Soccer Clinic & Evaluation Event
This is your kid’s chance to begin a much more fun and rewarding way to train their soccer skills. It’s a one-day event with longterm impact on their game. Traditional soccer clinics, teaches kids a one-time lesson to improve their skills right here and now. The High Performance Event, on the other hand, puts the power of ongoing evaluation and improvement in the hands of players, their
parents and coaches. Both kids and parents will receive training: The kids will go through a 2-hour training program. — And their parents are instructed in how to use the App Athlete to help their kids become the best soccer players they can possibly be. With the app, parents can track their kid’s progress, find the exact areas where they can improve. Now you can easily motivate your kid by showing them exactly how much they improve with every practice.

day of Event

1st step

30 minutes: 

App IES Athlete registration

2nd step

30 minutes:

General guidelines on the work to be done 

3rd step

2 hours:

Lessons, Training and Evaluation

4th step

30 minutes:

Play Soccer / Game time



Proven results
The goal of the event is not only to teach the kids the technical fundamentals of the game. It is just as much to motivate them to pursue their dream of becoming an athlete. It is to help them build self-esteem, a competitive spirit, and a strong trainer-player relationship. A good understanding of the game and basic mastery of the fundamentals from a young age greatly accelerates your kid’s development with every practice. But the feeling of getting better will light the fire in them necessary for realizing their true potential.


This event is the first of its kind, allowing parents and coaches to give kids personalized training programs based on their unique skills and progress. — It’s soccer practice in a fun and playful way, with easy followups of their performance.



IES brings an objective way to analyze the performance of young athletes. 

Coach Andy Gines -  Owner at CoachaRecruits and worked as Designated School Official for International Students at Johnson University Florida

The IES Platform comes to add and expand the educational repertoire, developing and discovering sports practice competences, motivating our students to a constant learning.

Sandra Capozzi Paiano - Pedagogical and Administrative Coordinator of Alliances and Sports of the Pueri Domus Network.



How long does it last? Roughly around 3hrs:30mins.

Can I participate again? Yes! We recommend that you get evaluated 3x in one year. That way you will have months in between to practice and improve before your next evaluation.

What will my child learn from this event? We will teach the basics and your child will be evaluated to understand the current stage of soccer skills.

Can parents watch? Yes. It will be a unique experience for the parents.

How do I receive the evaluation? Through the IES App Athlete, you will receive the card. And your report will be sent by e-mail.

How long after the event to receive the evaluation results? Up to 72hrs.

Are there any extra costs for the evaluation? No.


Orlando City Soccer School - Celebration

313 Campus St, Celebration - FL   /   9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


+1 (407) 725 5765