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The IES HIGH PERFORMANCE SOCCER CLINIC AND EVALUATION POWERED BY IES - INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION SYSTEM  youth training programs greatly assist in the development of players. It is designed to continuously expand and develop our players, both individually and collectively, through learning and executing the correct technical gesture within each foundation. This learning creates the necessary footballing basis for their performance at an elite level and allows them to improve the efficiency of their natural learning within their school.


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There are still some gaps, particularly in terms of technique, tactical and mental attitudes (e.g. perseverance), which can hinder a soccer player's progress towards his goals if he is not properly trained and developed.

At the "High Performance Soccer Clinic and Evaluation" we observe each student's specific skills for 3 hours using a set of standards expected for their particular age group.


We follow a learning pattern based on the cycle "orientation - training - evaluation - game (more fun, less competitive)”, which allows us to experience high level training in an objective and fun way.


Standardized tests help everyone involved in the young person's training process give them (individually and as a team of learners) the necessary skills to drive change.


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Unlike most soccer fields and clinics, the High Performance Soccer Clinic & Evaluation provides in-depth feedback on the skills that have been observed.


At App Athlete, parents have access to an individual and detailed description of their children's current abilities.




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Honest Player Evaluations

We are on a mission to help every young soccer player know where he stands and how he can reach his full potential. The HIGH PERFORMANCE SOCCER CLINIC AND EVALUATION POWERED BY IES - INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION SYSTEM is where it all begins!


It all starts with honest player evaluations from a high quality professional. You can see your score THROUGH A MODERN APP SIMILAR TO THE BEST GAMES IN THE WORLD and take advantage of our world-class player development event.


Our proven system helps players reach their long-term potential at all levels

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At our event we create the opportunity for youngsters to access the teaching of proper technical gestures for the execution of the main technical fundamentals. In addition, we provide an understanding of the game and simulations of tactical situations that athletes need to master.


This process takes into consideration the youth's ages and goals. At the end of our event, we deliver a personalized assessment that describes in detail the strengths and areas to be improved.


With more than 1000 youths evaluated, we know the importance of the evaluation process in teaching of high level soccer skills